We offer a powerful combination of seminars and coaching focused on developing your work skills quickly and effectively through training in a uniquely designed “four factor approach”  – innovation, individualistic, intercultural and International in one seminar.

A seminar we offer on Negotiations Strategy (and practice) has an intercultural (practice and theory) component, is delivered in English (for international business) and includes individually tailored reports (on decision making, risk and structure) for each participant which are incorporated throughout the seminar.



Intercultural                 International                      Individual               Innovative



‘I received coaching for a presentation I delivered to Ukranian Bankers in Kiev. Bryan helped me with my cultural awareness and subsequently I delivered a presentation that was comprehensive, sensitive  and very well received by our clients’.


  Jens Straeter Managing Partner,  Zeb/  Managementberatung für Finanzdienstleister




“Training sessions were delivered to our financial department. The training was delivered in a professional manner with sessions planned and tailored to our specific needs. On behalf of the group I have no hesitation in recommending Bryan to any company.”

     Katrin Kroll Head Commercial Audit, EonASG Hamburg



“During 2010, 2011 and 2012  Business Skills courses were taught every week in our offices by ARC (Bryan Lee). He is very reliable, enthusiastic, well prepared and focused ….creating a productive, enjoyable learning environment”


Kerstin Wilsdorf, Personnel Chef  Diehl Aerosystems