Normally to improve four key competencies for business, you must attend four seminars. At ARC you attend just one, highly effective seminar.
How? This brief video demonstrates this unique four-into-one method.



What are the benefits for you


A competitive advantage

Whether in project management, a leader or new business manager – this seminar will help you analyse better new clients, cultures and situations in a deeper way. Improving your preparation and tactics to deal with


people, in a more effective way. In addition, your understanding of your own strengths and areas to improve will be far superior than ever before.


Lower client costs

The ARC Seminar is so indepth that it eliminates the need for multiple seminars, resulting in obvious time and cost savings.
Traditionally to improve for international business, you need to


 attend intercultural courses (one for each country), negotiation seminars, personal development seminars, communication and language courses. At ARC in one seminar, you benefit more. The experience is indepth and valuable.


A dynamic product tailored to you

Each participant completes a brief precourse questionnaire – ensuring the course is tailored to you specifically. You receive training in culture (specific to the countries you do business with), you develop strategies for  


negotiation based on you as an individual and your clients, you analyse reports about your strengths and areas to enhance skills, and you improve through role plays and in group exercises and discussions.


Where are the seminars held?

Our Strategic Intercultural Negotiations Seminar (SINS) and Advanced SINS are held in exclusive hotels reflecting the high intensity level of the seminars.

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