Strategic Intercultural Negotiations Seminar (SIN Seminar)

An informative and challenging two-day seminar for people involved in intra and
intercompany business across international borders.
It includes a brief pre-course questionnaire to ensure a very personal approach to each participant.

The seminar for international business is naturally delivered in English and
covers Negotiation styles, case studies and role plays.

Intercultural theory and practice is explored, as participants examine countries of
their choice during the seminar, and learn how to strategize individual approaches to
any country where business is sought.

Individual reports for each participant are delivered during the seminar based on actual skills, including decision-making,
structure and interaction. This includes strengths, areas to improve and preferred negotiation styles.

The seminar is unique and challenging due to its comprehensive approach and is delivered in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere.
All participants receive certification of course completion at the conclusion of the seminar.

Post seminar participants also receive 12 months of updates and reminders relating to course content,
thus encouraging application and use of the material and knowledge gained.

Advanced Strategic Intercultural Negotiation Seminar (Advanced SIN Seminar)

The Advanced SIN Seminar builds on the Negotiation Strategy, Intercultural Skills and Individual Character insight gained during the first seminar.

A summary of initial learning is conducted before participants examine additional countries specific to their individual business needs, including strategies required, intercultural considerations, communication styles and personal Negotiation Reports, to give further insights.

Participants additionally engage in advanced role plays designed to challenge them in an international context.
All participants receive certification of advanced course completion at the conclusion of the seminar.

Post Seminar

At ARC Germany we place great importance on positively impacting actual “on the job” performance. We therefore offer a comprehensive post curse follow up – encouraging and reminding course participants of what was learned and how they can apply that in actual work situations. Participants receive 12 months of updates and reminders related to seminar content, therefore encouraging application and the use of the material and knowledge gained. 
All participants are offered one to one trainer time (in person or via video conference) to review and analyze personal approaches, strengths and specific areas to be developed.  Managers and leaders are also offered specific details relating to management and leadership style. 


What do SIN Seminar participants need to bring?

Our hotels cater for the needs of all participants. If you have any special requests or needs including dietary, please advise the hotel in advance so that every effort can be made to ensure you have a very comfortable stay. 

As with most seminars, personal laptops, notepads, books etc. or any materials needed to help your learning process may be brought along. ARC will of course supply course materials and handouts to ensure everything that is required during the seminar is already there for you, in addition to post seminar materials that are on offer.

ARC will supply the meeting room, coffee, drinks, snacks and lunch during the seminar.

Additionally, the participants will be treatet to an evening meal by ARC.

Participants are required to discuss with the hotel their own personal room arrangements. Bookings have been made on your behalf to ensure a bedroom is available. ARC has also, in most cases, negotiated a room discount on your behalf. ARC is happy to assist in the booking confirmation and rate of the room, however payment will need to be made before the seminar or upon checkout from your room.

The seminar starts on the first day at  9.00 am and it will go till 6.00 pm. On the 2nd day the seminar starts at 9.00 am as well and will go till 3.00 pm.

SIN Seminar Booking and Discounts

Once an email booking is made (usually through the ARC website) a confirmation email is sent by ARC to the company and to the seminar participant(s).

After payment is received, full confirmation of payment will be sent to the company along with confirmation of attendance to the seminar participant.

Option One

Full Payment in full within 30 days of booking – a 15% discount applies.

Cancellation - more than 8 weeks before the seminar -  50% refund

Cancellation - less than 8 weeks before the seminar – 20% refund

Option Two

50% Payment within 30 days of booking – 5% discount

Further 50% more than 12 weeks before seminar – 5% discount    

Cancellation - more than 8 weeks before the seminar – 50% refund

Cancellation - less than 8 weeks before the seminar – 20% refund