Seminars and Coaching

Corporate Seminars


ARC Seminars focus on four key learning areas.


Intercultural – seminars incorporate intercultural perspectives in all aspects of training from theoretical concepts and discussions, to learning materials, role plays and across all training sessions.


International – all courses are delivered in the English language with an international focus, and include communication styles to improve all communication skills.


Individualised – ARC seminars incorporate individual materials for each participant in every seminar. Attendees complete pre-seminar material which ensures a personalised customer focused delivery.


Innovative – ARC has developed a completely new approach to learning. All seminars incorporate specific work skills (negotiations, presentations, meetings), cultural perspectives (theory, practice with guest speakers), language (English for an international context) and individualized focus specific to your needs.



*Intercultural                                    *International                                   *Individual                          *Innovative






Higher Education

We offer courses for universities that are tailored to the level and needs of the students and institution. We work together to provide a comprehension future orientated seminars, focusing on our four key areas (intercultural, innovative, international and individualised)

Executive Coaching

We offer one to one coaching for our clients based on specific needs. Coaches will travel with clients when required to provide on client site  assistance and guidance to achieve effective results.

Executive Coaching focuses on preparing executives  for specific business appointments. During summer months may also include additional activities (golf, walking, touring). Courses are designed specifically for each client. Executive Coaching also includes one to one character style reports to ensure communication skills improve rapidly.